The Machine Empire, despite being an empire, does not have any: Decepticons, Cybermen, Borg, Toclafane, Daleks, Cylons, Replicants, Terminators, or any other mecha from other franchises. And Gosalyn will not explain any of those creatures to them. Nor will she attempt to get them any.

If she does, then she will get in trouble by her parents, Eric and Aurora!

In the living room, Eric glared at his daughter, Gosalyn! He was very angry at her because she got the Machine Empire Decepticons, Cybermen, Borg, Toclafane, Daleks, Cylons, Replicants, and Terminators to increase their forces! 

"Why did you give the Machine Empire these creatures?" Eric demanded.

"Father, I gave them those creatures so that their forces would be increased!" Gosalyn tried to explain.

"You were not supposed to do that, Gosalyn!" Eric shouted. "Because of it, the Machine Empire now has their forces increased and they will surely use those forces to conquer the Federation!"

Gosalyn gasped in horror. Aurora, Gosalyn's mother, then came into the room.

"I'm in trouble! Am I, Mom?" Gosalyn asked.

"Yes, you are!" Aurora said coldly.

"You heard your father! You were not supposed to give the Machine Empire those creatures!" Aurora shouted.

"Because of it, you will be punished!" Eric said. "Go to your room!"

Gosalyn glared at Eric angrily and said "You're as evil as Negaduck!" She then went up to her room in tears.