Johnny Test skipped school one day to get an autograph from the teenage girl with the pink electric guitar. He went with his friends Mowgli, Pinocchio, Christopher Robin, Cody, Young Kavu, Young Bagheera, Mickey Mouse, Bambi, Young Baloo, Simba, and Boo Boo Bear to the mall to meet the teenage girl. The teenage girl with the pink electric guitar and her band played a concert for Johnny and his friends. The teenage girl played her pink electric guitar and sang. The band played. They sounded awesome. They played really good. They rocked. After the concert was over, Johnny got his autograph from the teenage girl. Just then, when Johnny went home, Hugh Test, Johnny's father, showed up. Johnny got nabbed by Hugh. Hugh thought that he was going to let Johnny off the hook, but his pet dog, Dukey, told Hugh that Johnny lied to him and Johnny got in big trouble by his father. And then his sister, Susan Test, arrived and got shocked. Johnny got punished. He was not allowed to go to the arcade. He also was not allowed to go to the movies. Johnny was very upset. He said "That was not fair! You could not ground me Dad!" Johnny went to his mother, Lila Test, and told her that the punishment was unfair. Lila told Johnny that Hugh was in charge and that the punishment was no arcade and no movies. Johnny became very angry. He glared angrily and told Hugh, "You're as evil as Bling Bling Boy!" He then went to his room in tears, where his sister, Mary Test, was waiting for him.