It was time for bed. Lila Test arrived and said, "Johnny, it's time for bed." But Johnny Test said "No Mom." But Hugh Test arrived and said, "Time for bed sleepyhead." "Aaww Dad." said Johnny and Hugh picked him up. Johnny's friends sang "Run along, turn around, fall to the ground, dance on your toes, wriggle your nose, shake your hips, do some flips, stand up tall, make yourself small, time for bed, sleepyhead, the moon shines bright, say goodnight." Hugh said "Say goodnight Johnny." And then Johnny said "Goodnight guys." And then his friends said "Goodnight Johnny." Hugh and Lila took Johnny home. and Johnny's friends went back to their homes and went to bed. When Hugh and Lila arrived at Johnny's room with Johnny, they put him into bed and tucked him in. "Where did my friends go?" Johnny asked. "Your friends went to bed. And that was where you would be going too." said Hugh. "Thank you Dad and Mom." said Johnny. Hugh then kissed Johnny goodnight and said "Goodnight Johnny." Johnny said "Goodnight Dad. Goodnight Mom." with a yawn. Hugh turned off the lights and closed the door and he and Lila went to their room. Johnny fell fast asleep.