Johnny Test: Still Far away from home, but i'll live in the haunted house, I'll make sure that there's Aren't any monsters, like Vampires,Werewolves,Bear Beasts,Mummies and Dragons.

(Johnny Test Walks into the Haunted House)

Johnny Test: Alone at last No Grounded Stuff,No Punishment, No Nothing.

Vampire Chowder: I Smell a Human

(Vampire Chowder Roaring)

Johnny Test: (Waking Up) (Screaming) It's the vampire brother cat!

Vampire Chowder: Time to Suck your Blood Johnny!

(Vampire Chowder Chases Johnny Test all around the Haunted House)

Vampire Gumball Watterson: Honey I'm Home!

Johnny Test: (Screaming) It's The Vampire Father Cat!

Vampire Gumball Watterson: What? A Human?! I Want Your Blood!

Johnny Test: NOOOOOO!

Vampire Gumball Watterson: Chowder? Did you let that human walk into our Haunted House?

Vampire Chowder: No Dad, That Human has Sneaked into my room While I was Watching Scooby-Dum Episode.

Vampire Gumball Watterson: That's all I Want to Know. Let's Get Him!

Johnny Test: I Got a Hide from these Vampire Cats!

(Vampire Gumball Watterson Roaring)

Johnny Test: YIKES!!! Here it Comes an Ariel Attack!!!!!

Vampire Delilah: Hello Gumball!

Johnny Test: (Screaming) It's the Vampire Mother Cat

Delilah: What The? A Human?! I Will Have your Blood!!

Johnny Test: Stay back!

(Vampire Delilah Roaring)

Vampire Gumball Watterson: Honey Let's Get That Human!

Vampire Kitty Softpaws: Dad,Mom, Chowder? What's Going On?

Johnny Test: (Screaming) It's The Vampire Sister Cat! (Screaming)

Vampire Kitty Softpaws: A Human? Time to Suck your Blood Johnny!

Johnny Test: Get Back!

(Vampire Kitty Softpaws Roaring)


Various Monsters: What's That a Human!!!!


Various Monsters: He Trespass Our Monster World! Let's Get Him!

(Vampire Cats and Various Monsters Chasing Johnny Test)

Dukey: Oh My Gosh! The Monsters are After Johnny Test!

Mary Test: What can we Do?

Hugh Test: It Don't Know. But Let's Save Johnny!

Vampire Chowder: I Want Johnny's Blood!

Johnny Test: I Don't Want to Be a Vampire!

Lila Test: We're Coming Johnny! Hold On!

Vampire Gumball Watterson: 3 Humans and a Dog?

Hugh Test: Let's Get Johnny Out of Here and Go Home!

(Hugh Test Grabs Johnny)

Vampire Chowder: Come Back I'm Tursty!

Vampire Gumball Watterson: We'll Next Time We're going to Build a trap to Capture that Human!

Hugh Test: Johnny are you Okay?

Johnny Test: Yeah!

Hugh Test: are you hurt?

Johnny Test: No.

Hugh Test: Then what were you Thinking?!?!?

Mary Test: Don't Tell Us you meet Vampire,Werewolves,Bear Beasts,Mummies and Dragons.

Lila Test: He Acutally Did.

Mary Test: Mom, I Ask Him not to Tell us That!

Hugh Test: Johnny we're sorry for Yelling at you, But you need to learn to Behave.

Lila Test: Johnny Let's have Pizza for Dinner would that make you happy?

Johnny Test: Sure, Okay.

Hugh Test: Johnny? can you promissed that you will never run away?

Johnny Test: Yes.