Mary Test was in her room. She made the opening to Winnie the Pooh 123s 1991 vhs real not fake. And she uploaded it to Youtube. Just then, Mary's father Hugh Test got back and realized that it was fake. Hugh was very angry. "Mary how dare you make the opening to Winnie the Pooh 123s 1991 vhs real not fake. Winnie the Pooh 123s was released on dvd in 2004, not on vhs in 1991. That does it. You are grounded for mega infinity. I am gonna close your Youtube account." He said. "Please no daddy!! Do not close my Youtube account." Mary said. But Hugh said "I am sorry, Mary. I am gonna do it." And then he closed Mary's Youtube account. Mary was very upset. "Now i am gonna put a nappy on you." said Hugh. And he put a nappy on Mary. And then Hugh brught over Mary's best friends Isabella Garcia Shapiro and Anne Marie. "Oh no daddy!! It's my best friends." said Mary. "Mary that was not nice to make some fake vhs openings. " Isabella said. "I agree with you Isabella." Anne Marie said. Mary started to cry. "But daddy. I am sorry." she said. "Sorry does not cut it out Mary. I agree with Isabella and Anne Marie." Hugh said. "You would watch Barney And Friends, Inspector Gadgets Field Trip, Bullwinkle And Rocky, Powerpuff Girls, Ren And Stimpy, Dudley Do Right Of The Mounties, and many other shows not made by Disney." Isabella said. "You would eat grape nuts prunes, raw eggs, swiss cheese, poop, and vomit." Anne Marie replied. Hugh then took Isabella, Anne Marie, and Mary to the airport. And Mary was sent to Peru as her punishment and she started to cry. When Hugh, Isabella, and Anne Marie got back to Canada. Hugh said "Thank you guys for sending Mary to Peru. Now we could have some snacks." "You are welcome uncle Hugh." Anne Marie said. "And Isabella. Since you helped us send Mary to Peru. I have a gift for you." said Hugh. "What is it, Hugh." Isabella asked. "You get a Pocahontas vhs." Hugh replied. "All right!! I got the Pocahontas vhs. Thank you uncle Hugh." Isabella said. Hugh then said "You are welcome Isabella." And then Hugh, Isabella, and Anne Marie watched that Pocahontas vhs.